Overcoming your own obstacles

Desneiges Larose is the General Manager of Hearst Forest Management Inc. It wasn’t easy getting everyone together, finding that moment at the end of the day between the ladies getting out of the blocks and those trying to get to daycare in time, but a few of us did hold still for a snapshot of Women in Wood on the Hearst Forest. All smiles. When I asked these women about their experience in the forestry sector, they were overwhelmingly positive. We seem to have collectively benefited from the support and friendship of our predominantly male colleagues and, overall, feel an integral part of the forestry community.​​ With this picture of female colleagues in hand, I set out to write about all

The elusive work-life balance

Faye Johnson graduated with an HBSc in Forestry from Lakehead University. Her 35 year career has been divided between public and private practice, mostly in forestry related fields. Starting as a tree planter she worked her way up to the Director level. Most of her experience is in the area of business and economics including: timber pricing, international trade, fibre procurement and operations planning. Earlier this year Faye stepped back from her role with the Ontario government to focus on her grandchildren and her bucket list. She has been active with the Ontario Professional Foresters Association for over two decades and is currently their representative on the Canadian Forest Acc

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