Why Women in Wood?

We can all relate to the feeling of gravitating towards a friendly face at a work event. Someone who stands out, like you. United by never having to wait in line for a bathroom at a function or meeting. This is how I met Jess, crossing paths at forestry events, always excited to see her, even more excited for a chance to work with her on forestry outreach and education projects. On one such occasion, while brainstorming ways to take over the world, we decided to make it official. Let’s start a networking group, as a means to seek out more women like us, and help each other out however we can. Depending on where you work, or in what part of the forest sector, you might be surrounded by like-m

Introducing Women in Wood

Women in Wood (WIW) was created to bring together a variety of women from across Ontario and Canada who are out in the woods working passionately every day. While it began with a focus on those in forestry, it quickly broadened to include any woman working with, in and for the woods. The goal of WIW is to bring together women from across sectors including forestry, woodworking, arts, urban forestry, arboriculture and conservation to learn from each other and look for opportunities to grow one's career or passion. We invite anyone visiting this site to also check out our Facebook and LinkedIn groups for more up to date posts about jobs, events, articles and advice. On this website you will fi

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