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Christine Leduc is the Direcor of Public Affairs with EACOM Timber Corporation. Women who work in, with, and for the woods. I know many such women: with Jess Kaknevicius and Lacey Rose, to start. Kudos to both for founding Women In Wood (WIW) and offering a platform where we can share information and experiences, as well as support each other as we work to achieve our collective goal of sustainable and healthy forests. Today, this group reaches hundreds of women, students and professionals, in Ontario and in Canada, who ask questions, exchange ideas or opportunities, and share stories. While there are still too few female professionals (Susan Gesner’s March blog tells us women have an 18.4%

Better Together

We are always happy to hear of like-minded organizations representing women in different trades, industries and professions. One such encounter we have been lucky to have recently was with Lana Norton, who founded Women of Powerline Technicians (PLT) in September 2016. We recently caught up with Lana, who joined us at a WIW event in Renfrew, ON (more on that in an upcoming blog post!). We took the opportunity to share experiences and plans for the future, and learn a little bit about each other. Here’s what Lana had to share. Why did you decide to start Women of PLT? I decided to start Women of PLT, when I heard about other women graduating from the Powerline Technician program. I knew they

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