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We are always happy to hear of like-minded organizations representing women in different trades, industries and professions. One such encounter we have been lucky to have recently was with Lana Norton, who founded Women of Powerline Technicians (PLT) in September 2016. We recently caught up with Lana, who joined us at a WIW event in Renfrew, ON (more on that in an upcoming blog post!). We took the opportunity to share experiences and plans for the future, and learn a little bit about each other. Here’s what Lana had to share.


Why did you decide to start Women of PLT?

I decided to start Women of PLT, when I heard about other women graduating from the Powerline Technician program. I knew they were going to be facing the same challenges I had, several years earlier. Establishing Women of PLT was a way to collectively give a voice to qualified Powerline Technician graduates to aid in securing apprenticeship employment.

What have you observed about your organization so far?

Women enjoy line work. They are great on the tools and enjoy being outdoors. These women cheer each other on at every opportunity. I am so proud of how they rise and accept challenges to be great Powerline Technicians.

What have been the biggest benefits created by bringing people together so far?

The biggest benefit is breaking the isolation of being one of a few and / or only woman in orange on a truck. We are the support network for each other. Regardless of where you are geographically, you can login, send a message and know that other women within the group will exactly understand your message.

Do you have a story that sticks out in your mind about your organization from a positive encounter? A positive influence or outcome?

There are many stories that stick out as a positive influence as a result of Women of PLT. I value each story independently in its entirety. I enjoy meeting woman after woman who are eager and passionate about starting a career in the trades. I love watching them connect with each other, then growing confidence as they continue to build their careers. And finally, seeing the women connect with someone younger, who at one time was just like them. When we say, “We light our path not with LED’s but instead with people” this is exactly what we do. People power communities, I am excited to see women light up their communities.

Many thanks to Lana for connecting with WIW and coming out to our event. Congratulations for bringing women in your field together! See below for a message from Lana.


At Women of PLT we light the way for women Powerline Technicians so that Canada can benefit from women embracing their full potential as skilled trades workers.

Women of Powerline Technicians partners with companies who demand powerful people. We are building relationships with employers whom strongly believe that adding women to their Operations Department is investing in organizational survivability and corporate citizenship.

Women of Powerline Technicians is proud to announce a supporting partnership with Women in Wood that will allow for members to network and be supported through different career paths available in the energy sector.

I, like Jess and Lacey, am “united by never having to wait in line for a bathroom at a function or meeting”. I truly enjoy my career in the electricity sector. It is encouraging to see more women join the energy sector. Currently there are towns and provinces that separate us. The partnership with Women in Wood, aims to close those gaps.

At Women of Powerline Technicians we believe in supporting other women. Whether it’s in a tree or on a pole, we always rise to the occasion to support one another. Supporting one another is fundamentally at the essence of what we do. Pole lines aren’t built alone and we will always achieve more when we work together.

Congratulations to Jess and Lacey on Women in Wood.

Lana Norton

Founder, Women of Powerline Technicians

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