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Representing True Diversity

When we first developed our logo, we were excited about the idea of having something fun that would bring women together who are passionate about working in the forest. We didn’t know it would take off like it did, and really become a symbol of women empowerment in the forest sector. Since we first launched the logo and starting putting it on swag, we have sold over 1,000 t-shirts around the world, along with a few hoodies, stickers and a couple of toques.

Our logo is more than just a symbol, it is something that women within our network have found powerful, unifying, empowering and most of all, fun. But we also recognize that the female being represented really only represents a small fraction of the women that are working in, with and for the woods. We knew it was time for a refresh.

Our new graphic expands the concept of Women in Wood, to represent a greater diversity of women in more diverse roles. Our last blog featuring Carol Walker was extremely well received, and we know it’s because she took a chance to tell her truth and story, but also because we need to see more diversity in the sector. We know that those entering the sector want to see themselves represented.

Our network of women is diverse, however we also recognize that it needs to be even more diverse. While the forest sector is improving in gender representation, we know that more BIPOC representation is needed.

You will still see the original logo gracing most of our work, but this new graphic will be used wherever we can to support any woman who is working in, with and for the woods. As always, we encourage anyone to get in touch with us if they want to feature their story on our blog, especially those women who want to inspire other women to see themselves in this sector.


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