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Budding foresters

My name is Hunter Corbiere, I am 19 years old, and I am from a small town called Waubaushene, ON. I’m an Indigenous student from M’Chigeeng First Nation and I am in my final semester of the Forestry Technician Program at Sir Sandford Fleming College. I will be continuing my education in Forestry, at Lakehead University in the fall and want to specialize in forest management. After schooling, I see myself becoming a Registered Professional Forester and an Indigenous Liaison Forester. I believe that having a strong relationship with Indigenous communities will help better decision making in sustainable forestry, and will reflect back on a strong healthy forest.

I chose to enter the forest industry because I wanted to make a difference, and be outdoors at the same time. When I was growing up, I was told we have a responsibility to the land, to help protect, manage, and foster stewardship. I was fascinated by the relationship my people have with the land and the idea of managing these lands that are used for hunting, ceremonies, and teaching. I also loved the fact that forestry has a broad range you could focus on. There is so much opportunity in forestry such as forest health like pathology and entomology, fighting forest fires, forest technicians, Registered Professional Forester, tree markers, GIS work and so much more. I really like the diversity, and truly have a passion for what I’m studying. The Forestry Technician program has had such a positive impact on me, as everyone who is in the program, and in the forest industry is as passionate as I am.


My name is Ashley Baker, and I am a budding forester excited about forest management techniques, silvicultural prescriptions, and emerging GIS technologies in forestry applications. Through education at Fleming College, I’ve learned how to map a forest, navigate my way through it, and interpret the data collected to suggest and apply an appropriate management plan.

Forestry is a second career for me, and it’s one I wish I would have pursued from the very beginning. Now that I am working as a Forestry Technician, I can’t believe I had waited so long! There is fulfillment and peace at the end of every day’s work. As a technician, I know that the data I collect informs management plans and decisions, and coupled with “Good Forestry Practices”, I’m an integral part of conservation and sustainable forestry. I was drawn to forestry because it is equal parts technical, hands-on, fun, and important. I like that there’s opportunity to wear different hats and take on different responsibilities, and that no two days roll out the same. My goal and aspiration is to learn all I can about various ecosystems and their long-term management, and to share my knowledge with others as I grow. I love the solitude of cruising a forest, just as much as I love teaching others or ripping through firewood with a chainsaw. I am aspiring toward an Associate RPF membership and am also interested in earning an Arboriculture certificate and becoming an ISA Arborist. When I’m good and ready, I’d love to apply all the skills and knowledge I gain over my career as a consulting forester/arborist. This is only the beginning!


Growing up in the small town of Emsdale, Ontario is where I discovered my love for the environment. My name is Stephanie Young and I am 21 years old. My studies began at Fleming College three years ago when I enrolled, and subsequently completed, the Fish & Wildlife Technician program. Currently, I am in my second year of the Forestry Technician program at Fleming College. It has been my passion for nature that has led me to further pursue my studies at Fleming. After graduation, I am looking forward to attending the University of New Brunswick (UNB) for a Bachelor of Science in Forestry this fall. With the transfer options between Fleming College and UNB, I will be entering into my third year of studies.

I have a passion for tree health, specifically related to invasive species, as well as an interest in species at risk. It has been my pleasure to have previously gained student employment opportunities in the outdoor field working for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry as an Assistant Resource Management Technician for two summers. I have gained immense knowledge and hands-on experience from these positions. I appreciate the instructors at Fleming College because of their passion for the environment. Their commitment to their students is evident with the time they invest and their ongoing availability to assist when needed. It is inspiring to be taught and mentored by people who care to see you succeed. My time at Fleming College has been an amazing experience and I will carry these memories, knowledge and friendships with me into my future endeavors.

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