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The first time I came across loggersports, I was immediately drawn to it. Three years later, I’m now captain of Lakehead University’s jack and jill timbersports team.

Loggersports consist of a multitude of events such as chopping, sawing, cutting, climbing and axe throwing. Collegiate teams from all over Canada travel hundreds and even thousands of kilometers to compete in team, pair, and individual events. Every November, Fleming College in Lindsay, Ontario hosts a loggersports competition, welcoming teams of all skill levels. This year was the 37th Annual Fleming Loggersports Competition and Lakehead took home 1st in three events, 2nd in three events and 3rd in two events. Overall, this was our team’s best year yet!

I discovered the Lakehead Timberwolves team on my first day of the Natural Resource Management faculty’s orientation. I remember standing alongside my peers, watching a girl chop a log in half and thinking “Woah, I can actually be a lumberjack”. The Lakehead Timberwolves have done a lot for me. My first year, I was so nervous. I had never split wood before and all these men and women were walking around, swinging axes, as if they weren’t scared of burying it in their leg. My captain at the time, Christa Campbell, really inspired me: she was my first real representation of what it meant to be a woman in wood, she embodied strength, courage and confidence, three qualities that I aspired to have for myself. Moreover, the friendships I’ve created along with the continuous encouragement from my peers helped awaken my inner strength.

During my time on the team, I’ve worked hard to recruit sponsors and promote timbersports within the community. This experience has provided me with so many opportunities to network. I have developed my leadership abilities, consequently creating a more confident and skillful self! The team is definitely my most memorable experience at Lakehead thus far, one I wouldn’t have discovered if I wasn’t a part of the Natural Resource Management faculty. Not only has timbersports empowered me as a woman but it has also allowed me to explore this vast area of study, as it can be an overwhelming and intimidating sector for newcomers.

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