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The Canadian forest industry is not a big employer of women, even though they represent a significant pool of potential employees that could help the industry address its projected labor shortages.

According to the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC), the indus...

July 14, 2017

Christine Leduc is the Direcor of Public Affairs with EACOM Timber Corporation.

Women who work in, with, and for the woods. I know many such women: with Jess Kaknevicius and Lacey Rose, to start. Kudos to both for founding Women In Wood (WIW) and offering a platform whe...

July 4, 2017

We are always happy to hear of like-minded organizations representing women in different trades, industries and professions.  One such encounter we have been lucky to have recently was with Lana Norton, who founded Women of Powerline Technicians (PLT) in September 2016...

April 27, 2017

Kathy Abusow is the President and CEO of the Sustainable Forestry Iniative Inc. Check out Kathy Abusow's TED Talk "The power of sustainable forests"

Congratulations to Lacey Rose and Jessica Kaknevicius for starting Women in Wood! I suppose great minds do think alike,...

March 29, 2017

Hello! I’m Susan Gesner, the President of Gesner & Associates Environmental Learning. I started Gesner & Associates Environmental Learning (GAEL) in 1997 with a notion to integrate my blend of environmental knowledge, facilitation expertise and management skills. The p...

January 30, 2017

We can all relate to the feeling of gravitating towards a friendly face at a work event. Someone who stands out, like you. United by never having to wait in line for a bathroom at a function or meeting. This is how I met Jess, crossing paths at forestry events, always...

January 29, 2017

Women in Wood (WIW) was created to bring together a variety of women from across Ontario and Canada who are out in the woods working passionately every day. While it began with a focus on those in forestry, it quickly broadened to include any woman working with, in and...

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